8 ‘Must-Dos’ When Planning Your Destination Wedding

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There is a bug going around infecting lots of newly-engaged couples. Symptoms include: wedding fever, restlessness and a burning desire to head to the airport. If you or your fiance’ have experienced any of these symptoms, you may have the travel bug (aka destination wedding-itis)! It can be quite contagious but a wonderful bug to catch 😉

Here at Wild Rose Events and Floral Design, destination weddings are a specialty of ours! We have done weddings from California to Canada and many places in between; enjoying every minute and mile!

Destination weddings are a fabulous idea, but they require more planning than local weddings for our brides! We have compiled a list of must-do’s when planning your destination wedding to help ease the stress and help you enjoy your wedding destination of choice!

1 – Choose the Perfect Spot

Anyone can take a dart and throw it at a map to choose where they want to get married (though that might mean you would get married in a corn field in Nebraska…). We feel it is best practice to pick a place that means something to both of you! Whether it be where you met, your first vacation together or even a place that you both think is beautiful! If you choose it with your heart, you can’t go wrong! BONUS – It will be a great anniversary vacation destination in the future!

Destination Wedding

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2 – Take a Wedding Planning ‘Vacay’

Be sure to visit your destination at least once before your wedding! So many things can go awry when someone gets married close to home, but even more can happen when you aren’t familiar with local cultures, customs, accommodations and so much more! It’s best to take the time to visit and be prepared whether you have been there before or not. Meet with your vendors in person, tour the area as much as you can and most of all, enjoy the process!

3 – Timing is of the Essence

Mother Nature doesn’t always play nice. The Carribean has Hurricanes and  Canada has Blizzards! Do your homework to find the right time of year (and even day!) to say I DO. Another thing to consider is that at certain times of the year, some venues, hotels or other vendors may offer better deals because it is the off season. Getting married at a less popular time of year means little to no tourists gawking at your ceremony! Additionally, plan for the unpredictable. If your location is known for spontaneous rain storms, have a back-up venue or have umbrellas (or even sunscreen) for your guests!

Destination Wedding

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4 – $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Budget is 9 times out of 10 the biggest factor in wedding planning, but even more so for a destination wedding! Be sure to factor in the extra expenses that a destination wedding can incur. If you’re bringing your own wedding professionals with you, you’ll need to budget for their travel expenses and accomodations. Heading abroad? Passports and plane tickets can add up quickly! And, of course, different countries have different currencies and pricing standards – be hyper-aware of the exchange rate and pricing practices.

5 – Wedding Planners are worth their weight in GOLD!

They may not shine as much as gold, but wedding planners are just as valuable! Wedding Planners eat weddings for breakfast, they breathe weddings all day and dream about weddings all night. They know what needs to be done! Rely on them to help you to plan your  long-distance wedding. They are a valuable tool that will save your sanity and ensure that your big day goes as smoothly as possible! Wild Rose Events and Floral design specializes in wedding and event coordination. Visit our coordination page to browse our packages: https://wildroseevents.com/coordination/

6 – Research Local Marriage Laws

Some countries (or even states) may have their own rules for how, what, when and why when it comes to your nuptials. Work with your wedding planner to figure out if you need to be to your destination earlier, provide extra paper work, or anything else that may be a requirement before you walk down the aisle. For example, Germany only recognizes a civil ceremony as a legal marriage, so you may need to have a separate religious ceremony if it is important to you. Visit https://www.marryabroad.co.uk/marriage-requirements.shtml for more information on this subject.

Destination Wedding

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7 – Organize, Organize, Organize

Binders, folders, calendars and reminders/alerts are a bride-to-be’s best friend. This goes for destination AND local weddings. You can never be too organized and if you follow our advice above, you’ll have a wedding planner to help you!

Destination Wedding

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Whether it’s your first wedding or your 4th, you’re getting married for a reason. LOVE. With all the linen choices, cake tastings, dress fittings and songs to choose, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose site of the true reason for this joyous occasion. Accept as much help as you can so you can relax and enjoy this beautiful experience. It’s truly unique and a blessing to say the least!

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