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Who We Are

Wild Rose Events is a full-service wedding coordination and wedding florist business. Owner/Designer Domonie Mattson has specialized in weddings for over 20 years to include 10 years working in a Rockwall florist shop.

Domonie has been the floral designer on “Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?” and has had her wedding designs published in several national wedding magazines over the years.

Domonie has built a team that shares her passion for creating outstanding wedding flowers and wedding bouquets, and offering superior customer service with her creative wedding coordination and her full-service wedding and event planning.
She has built her wedding décor and wedding rental business, allowing her to have the most creative wedding designs for every Dallas bride.

I work with any budget. Every bride deserves to be pampered on her wedding day – it only happens once!!!!!

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What We Do

We have complimentary service packages to give you all the service you need to ensure perfection:  Every detail is checked: Corsages are pinned, candles are lit and guests are happy.

We create our designs using the freshest flowers brought in just for you and our special treatments and hidden water sources to ensure your flowers last throughout your event! Your flowers will be gorgeous in all your photos with no wilting or browning.

Wild Rose Events will follow you anywhere. The team has orchestrated weddings across the country – from Minnesota to Wyoming to Florida.  We will be wherever you need us.

Our professionals draw on the finest local sources of furniture, lighting and accessories to transform hotel ballrooms, urban parks, rustic lodges and sandy beaches into magical settings.


Wedding Reception Decor

Wild Rose Events Promises to:

Conduct business in a professional and ethical manner.

Accurately represent our qualification and experience in both oral and written communication.

Fully perform our contractual commitments with absolute excellence, including providing services to my clients in a  timely and professional manner.

Work with our fellow event professionals as a cohesive and energetic team to produce the wedding/event perfectly, while maintaining respectful and responsible relationships with one another.

Conduct business as a leader in the industry, remaining knowledgeable about the most current and professional techniques specific to wedding/event florals and the wedding industry in general.

Provide customers and prospective customers with timely, complete and unambiguous information about all prices, products and services, options and contract provisions.

Follow all business licensing requirements and maintain up-to-date legal and business permits, licenses, and appropriate insurance.



Why We Do What We Do

When I got married over 20 years ago, I was concerned about budget and  I felt I was the only person who could create my vision.  At the time, I thought it was a great thing that I was a florist and could do them.

What happened in reality was that I became the vendor at my own wedding.  My focus was on the flowers and decor rather then on my vows.  I was late to get down the aisle and stressed and rushed rather then pampered and enjoying every part of my only wedding.

I regret doing my own flowers and decor – and I had the experience and skills to do it!  I can’t imagine if I had little or no experience!

It is my passion to alleviate the stress for my brides – I want them to savor every moment of being the bride, to focus on the real reason you get married. I don’t want my brides to have any regrets – just fabulous memories!

I work with any budget. Every bride deserves to be pampered on her wedding day – it only happens once!!!!!

Being a vendor of any type is hard work and not what you should be doing at your wedding. The same goes for your family – let them enjoy the day and the party… not work and worry.