I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did to make Danielle’s wedding wonderful. There have been so many positive comments about all of the arrangements, with the most favorite being Danielle’s bouquet. She absolutely loved her bouquet and has said many times it was the most beautiful she has ever seen.  She did a lot of reading in her bridal magazines and had some idea of what she wanted, but it is still hard to imagine how it will all come together. In watching the video of us walking down the isle, and from some of the photographs we have seen so far, it was simply breathtaking. The cake was another favorite.  It was so beautiful! We have many wonderful memories.  Danielle just said yesterday, ‘I wanted a dream wedding and that is what I had.‘  Thanks again for all the extra effort.


What we really appreciate about Wild Rose is their attention to detail. The little things, the big things – they wove it all together into a day we will never forget!
Regan and Elliot


Thank you Domonie! You made our dreams come true. And people still to this day talk about how gorgeous and positively unusual our wedding was.  Again – Thank you!!
Anastasia and Greg


Thanks for the fabulous flowers! Everyone commented on how beautiful they were… Everyone I know who has used you for their wedding flowers has been thrilled! I recommend you to anyone who is using flowers – for any occasion! You are an incredible florist and a wonderful person! God bless you, Domonie!


Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful job you did with our flowers at our wedding.Every arrangement was perfect. I could not have asked for a lovelier bouquet or a more handsome boutonnière. You did wonderfully, and I would recommend you to anyone.
Katelyn and Jack


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just can’t thank you enough for making me such a perfect dress and making me look better than I thought possible! Because of your kindness, I enjoyed the wedding so much more. I didn’t have to worry about how I looked or being uncomfortable or my dress splitting! It was so nice of you to get involved and help us out. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without you! The wedding went great and everyone looked wonderful. I’m very grateful to you! You’re such a neat and sweet person. I hope God has great things in store for you! Best of luck with your new job and your flower business.
A Wild Rose Events Client


I was on the orchestra benefit committee, and I wanted to tell you how outstanding the flowers were! We’ve never had such beautiful arrangements. My husband was quite impressed, and he heard comments on how nice the flowers were. If my daughters weren’t already married, I’d call on you for sure. I wish we’d arranged for drawings, but I’m sure the people who took them home are enjoying the arrangements. Many thanks for all your work!


I was remarking to a friend at lunch Wednesday how impressed I was to see a florist who was so attentive and who provided so much service to her clients (even if some people there didn’t wholly appreciate it.) So many florists you barely, or never, see – primarily because they swoop in with their vans, drop off their flowers and then rush off. In my mind, weddings have to be more than just a “job” in order to do it right. Part of your compensation has to be the satisfaction of seeing a happy client. Thanks again.


I LOVED the way everything turned out and received a bunch of comments from the guests about how beautiful the flowers were. I appreciate how willing you were to work with me to customize items for our event. Thanks again!


I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for doing such a fantastic job on the flowers. Everything was absolutely perfect. The greens on the pews and the altar arrangements really made the church look special. I received so many compliments on my bouquet – it turned out better than I imagined. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking me on such short notice and working within my limited budget. You were truly a God-send for me. Thanks for everything!


The flowers at my wedding were perfect! I was so happy to see how wonderful they all turned out; It was exactly how I pictured it. The arrangements on the arch were beautiful. You really did an outstanding job. I will definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone that’s getting married or planning an event. I can’t express it enough how very pleased I am with your work – the quality of the flowers themselves, the workmanship on every detail of each arrangement was perfect and your customer service was above and beyond my expectations.
Bridgette and Joe


I am not very knowledgeable about the different types of flowers and your help and advice was invaluable. I had so many people come up to me and comment about the flowers. The choices of both variety and colors were just perfect with the dresses. I also really appreciate the fact that you were so prompt and stuck to the timeline as we had discussed. It was essential to everything coming off on time. I spoke with someone during the week after Kelly’s wedding, and they had been at a wedding a couple of week ago where the flowers were a couple of hours late. It threw off the timing of everything! Thee pictures they were going to take before the ceremony had to be  done after, which delayed the reception, etc.  I really appreciated your professionalism in this. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might ask me. And feel free to have people call me if they would like a reference before booking you.  I hope to work with you in the future!


Thanks for the bouquet I kept from the photo shoot. My husband hung it to dry. He left it for several days, then came to me with this perplexed look and said that this bouquet just wouldn’t dry out! He had placed it in the kitchen near the radiator – why wouldn’t it dry? You know I replied with one simple word: ‘WATER-SOURCING!’ It works! Thanks again!


I can’t thank you enough for working so hard for us last weekend. The flowers were all so beautiful, and your expertise was evident. I appreciate as well your handling everything. In spite of all the mishaps, I am overall pleased. I keep looking at the big picture. Of course I realize that everything running as smoothly as possible was due to your coordinating efforts. Thank you so much!

I apologize for the caterer. I think being late threw his whole night off. He initially presented himself as personable and capable. I regret that he was unable to follow through.

It appeared to me that you worked well with Alecia and her team. I hope that will be a long successful professional relationship for you both. Between the castle and your flowers, the venue was absolutely beautiful! And I heard many comments as such!

Thank you again for everything you’ve done. I look forward to hearing from the florist who is preserving Heather’s bouquet.
Joyce Wood